Postura #januaryobsession

How often do we talk about our posture on a daily basis? It was not a New Year resolution and I was just learning more about how to work on my fitness level. ‘Posture’ immediately takes me back to the picture in my school textbook of a boy balancing a notebook while he sits and stands.

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Mission H2O

We are all aware of all the facts about water and why we should be drinking it. Why has it been a challenge for many to keep up even to an 8-glass rule then? Why has this habit been really not that easy to inculcate? Should we drink water only when thirsty? In my experience…

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How Crossfit is making a difference in my life! #statusupdates – What is strength? For me strength isn’t just physical, it’s also a mind game. I learnt this in one of my morning classes with Crossfit Coach Sudeep at The Tribe Fitness Club, learning back squats. He said, “It’s how you approach the bar.” So what…

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