“I am looking out of a glass piece,

Wondering what to see.

The circles of light on the edge of my eye;

The green grass; or the spotless sky.

Something tells me the wind feels good;

Something tells me the sound of a blue bird.

Whatever I choose to see, I will miss something,

So is life just a pile of perfect decision making?

Every window lets in a layer of light-

Letting you see the world differently.

There will always, always be something that’s worth admiring

And a puny part of you, could be secretly regretting.

It’s just a sight, that will pass by in a moment—

So, to make a choice; that you won’t repent;

Is almost like painting a picture on the glass

And calling that a possibility, when it’s clearly a farce.

It will all come crashing down you’ll see,

With the pounding and passing of reality.

So just choose a window, any window to look through!

Because past all those complaints, waits a beautiful view.”

Posted by:Mycoffeeweather

Inspired by Nature; A Learner; Bird watcher; Philosophy and Authenticity; Fitness enthusiast; Passionate cook; Vegan; Hindustani Classical Vocalist; TED Watcher; Financial Manager and Auditing in Family business; Movie buff; Slow reader; Talkative soul; Free-spirit! Sharing a few thoughts as I go about my everyday ordeal, Hope its informative and the readers can relate to it and may it be insightful. Please share your thoughts in the comments or email me- snehabhuwalka@yahoo.com. Would love the feedback!

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