Learning happens bit by bit,

It is like water to a growing seed;

Sunlight on forest floor, path to peak’s summit;

Cannot but overflow, it knows no greed.


When every leaf on every tree,

When marking on each finger, palm.

When in all the land and all the sea

Nothing is so similar, all is unique, everything calm.


Then learning is boundless, endless.

Still every mind learns unique, thinks different.

His destiny he chooses and learns, mindless

Of the end or of the courses it takes, learning is but diligent.


It is so calm; it is so diligent, it happens bit by bit.

You will never know what you have learnt

Till the day you implement it.

So be calm, the wick hasn’t but burnt.


Learning leads to knowledge and in turn to wisdom.

It is wise men, who conquer the world,

Live cherished lives, chartered planes to The Kingdom

Fly them away, like tea leaves in baskets hurled.


What you learn is what you become.

So, my friend, don’t limit yourself.

Be free, see the world, and acquaint with some

More. Be learned. Be the true light to others reflecting from one’s own self.

27th November 2011

Sneha Bhuwalka


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